Brain Teasers, czyli łamigłówki po angielsku

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Lubisz angielskie zagadki? Ucz się języka w sposób kreatywny i zapamiętuj słowa na dłużej. Poniżej znajdziesz 15 pytań, które skutecznie przetestują Twoje umiejętności językowe oraz logiczne podejście do problemów. Seria Brain Teasers łamigłówki po angielsku to świetny sposób na relaks i naukę języka w zupełnie innym formacie. Znasz odpowiedź na pytania, pozostaw ją w komentarzu i sprawdź jak odpowiadają pozostali użytkownicy portalu Gettin’ English. Klucz i słownictwo do pobrania znajdziesz na dole wpisu. Miłej zabawy.


1. In the USA you cannot take a picture of a person with a wooden leg. The question is why not?

2.  Peter’s mother had four children.The first child was May. The second child was named June and the third one was called July. What is the name of the fourth child?

3.  Rowan is a butcher. He is 6 feet tall. What does he weigh?

4.  How many animals did Moses take onto his ark?

5.  A murderer is condemned to death. He can choose a room in which he will die. The first room is full of venomous snakes, the second is full of assassins, and the last room is full of lions that haven’t eaten for a year. Which room should the man choose to survive?

6.  One can hear my sound, feel me where I move, but you will never see me. Who am I?

7.  What did the instructor at the school of Kamikaze pilots tell the students?

8.  A man and his son were in the car accident. The man died but the boy was lucky to survive. He was taken to hospital to have an operation. The surgeon saw him and said „I can’t operate. That’s my son!” How is it possible?

9.  If a plane crashed exactly on the border of Spain and Portugal, where would they bury the survivors?

10. If you took 3 chocolates from the box of your friend and you know that the box contains 20 chocolates, how many chocolates would you have?

11. What is it you sleep in, sit on and drink coffee from?

12. Which word is incorrect: first, second, third, forth, fifth or sixth?

13. It has no wings, but it flies. It has no teeth, but it bites and can kill. What is it?

14. You are in the room with a pig eating a cabbage, a parrot speaking English and a dog holding a bone. Which creature in the room is the smartest?

15. What is something that we always have with us, but always leave behind?

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