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Cycling safely

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The Seil Bag is a new concept introduced by a Korean inventor with all city cyclists in mind. If you adore riding a bike in your spare time and you find it hard to get to different places, this gizmo is just for you. 

At first sight, there is nothing special about this backpack, but its power is hidden right on the front side of the bag. Whenever you need to turn right or left you tend to outstretch your arm to signal which way to go. With The Seil Bag there is no necessity to risk losing your balance and consequently be in danger of bumping into another vehicle.


Basic signs such as „left/right, stop or sorry” are displayed thanks to illuminating LED lights on the exterior fabric. It’s bike riders’ fertile imagination that allows them to programme this device how they like. In fact, due to the fact that the flexible LED display is portable, you can apply it to any pouch or rucksack.

So if you are an urban bike-user this invention should come in handy in packed streets and avenues.  You can also find out a bit more about this project through Kickstarter where additional funds are being sought.


introduce – wprowadzić
with sth. in mind – z myślą o
adore – uwielbiać
a gizmo – gadżet
outstretch – wyciągać / rozciągać
bump into – wpaść na
a vehicle – pojazd
fertile imagination – bujna wyobraźnia
portable – przenośny
a pouch – torba
urban – miejski
come in handy – przydać się / być użytecznym
packed – zatłoczony

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