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Divorce in The White House?

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This well-known marriage is claimed to be on the rocks. Whether to believe it or not, the latest Obama divorce rumours have set the Internet abuzz. The information is based on the news reports that appeared at the end of January 2014 on The Daily Star and

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Was it all about selfie?

It seems that everyone has seen the picture, which was taken at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Not only was the President’s wife embarrassed, but also her person was simply ignored. At least it looked like that. Who was Obama attracted by so much? Well, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the prime minister of Denmark took advantage of the chance and her phone was spontaneously used to commemorate such a momentous day. There wouldn’t be a big fuss about it if the incident hadn’t been caught by photographers. It is said that the First Lady’s icy stare she gave then, was an evidence that she didn’t try to hide her bad mood about their relationship.


Such a lady killer

The couple is rumoured to sleep in separate bedrooms. The gossip was leaked, most probably, from someone in the White House. To spice it up, one of the US newspapers went even further and published staggering information about a Secret Service. According toreliable sources, Barack Obama’s infidelity has been concealed many times by his bodyguards. What’s more, the truth about Obama’s secret love affairs was discovered by Michelle a few weeks ago. On the other hand, the news is also alleged to be outlandish and quite far-fetched.

„I’ve had enough”

During the Christmas break in Hawaii, she is maintained to have said „I’ve had enough” and decided not to get back to Washington with Barack on the same plane. It can be read on that „Michelle Obama will reportedly continue living at the White House until Barack Obama’s current term of office ends, but she will lead a separate life. The first lady has reportedly already moved out of the presidential bedroom and into another bedroom in the family’s private living quarters.” In fact, some arrangements about removing Barack Obama’s belongings from their house in Chicago, have supposedly been confirmed.

What may be expected? Will their marriage be ended up soon? We need to wait and see. Hope it is just another rumour.

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claim – twierdzić
be on the rocks – rozpadać się (o małżeństwie)
be abuzz – wrzeć
a selfie – fotka samolubka
take advantage of – wykorzystać (np. sposobność)
commemorate – upamiętnić / uczcić pamięć
momentous – doniosły
a fuss – afera / zamieszanie
an icy stare – zimne spojrzenie
a lady killer – podrywacz
rumour – pogłoski
leak – przeciek (informacji)
spice up – uatrakcyjnić / podkręcić
staggering – zdumiewający / szokujący
reliable sources – wiarygodne źródła
infidelity – niewierność
conceal – ukrywać / skrywać
allege – powoływać się / utrzymywać
outlandish – dziwaczny
far-fetched – naciągany / przesadny
maintain – utrzymywać / twierdzić
reportedly – rzekomo / jak mówią
supposedly – ponoć / przypuszczalnie