Coś więcej niż tylko angielski
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  1. No need to leave your house to learn English.
  2. Save your money. Forget about extra costs of petrol or expensive language schools.
  3. Flexible hours. Learn when and where you’re available.
  4. Take advantage of the most effective Internet tools to boost your progress.
  5. Receive free materials, videos, articles and podcasts to taste the real language.
  6. Have a personalized path of language development.
  7. Build your confidence in speaking and listening from the very first lesson.


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Practical classes for everyone who wants to become fluent in speaking, reading, listening, writing and grammar. Thanks to this method, you will communicate with other people with ease.

A perfect solution for those who think their speaking abilities are not advanced enough. Break down communication barriers and finally enjoy long conversations in English. All the materials are designed for every student. Practise dialogues, vocabulary you need and debate on different topics.

Whether you are a worker or a boss of a company, sooner or later Business English will become useful to you. Learn how to negotiate, speak on the phone, give a presentation, communicate with a client, write appropriate e-mails and much more.

Often chosen by students who want to take international exams. Are you preparing for the FCE / CAE or other tests? This is the right place and the right teachers to help you make significant progress . A dosage of knowledge at your level.

No matter what job you do, we can help you improve only those skills which are crucial in your workplace. Medicine, aviation, beauty salon, hotel & catering, computing, engineering, logistics, mechanics, tourism etc. 

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Contact us on our e-mail and arrange the first meeting with an online teacher. It last 30 minutes and it is absolutely free. During the class you will have a chance to meet your tutor and our methods. The teacher will also check your level of English and special needs so that the online course can come up to your highest expectations. You will also receive your first homework and free materials to study at home. 

We respect your time and believe that your satisfaction is the most important part of English Classes Online. It is up to you how many lessons you want to buy. No contracts, no strings attached. Let’s finally learn English fair. [spacer size=”10″]

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If you have made up your mind and want to have regular classes with Gettin’ English, choose which package of classes suits you best. 

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As soon as we receive your full payment, we arrange your schedule according to your availibility. Contact your teacher any time you need. We guarantee the highest standards of customer service.


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