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5 Office Party Blunders

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Let’s assume that the year-end is approaching and your company is organizing a party to show their immense appreciation. The party is a time to keep your minds off work and have a great time. As usual in parties, there will be grub, alcohol and some music. With all these under one roof, you can easily embarrass yourself. It’s perilous because you can derail your professional reputation. Here are some pitfalls to avoid when you attend office parties.

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Nothing can make you act up and embarrass you like drinking too much hootch. Alcohol reduces a person’s consciousness and when taken too much, the person does not usually know what they are doing. Keep your mind conscious to avoid saying things that will blemish you. A wise decision it to keep it at a minimum of two bottles of alcohol. Remember that the party is not a drinking fray.

Dressing inappropriately

Attire decency is an office etiquette and sends a positive vibe to others. You should extend that to parties. Since it is a dazzling party, you may be tempted to loosen up a bit and show another side of yourself. Winding down is allowed but overdoing it is highly inept. If there is an attire description on the invitation card, follow it. If not, try dressing conservatively and don’t show too much skin.


A party is not an occasion to go after that co-worker that you have always marvelled at. Perhaps you may overindulge in alcohol and decide to dally with one of your co-workers. You decide to get some privacy and misbehave in one of the secluded offices, corridors or hallways. It may not cross your mind at that time but many offices have security cameras and your indecency will be captured. Moreover, your co-workers may notice your long absence and figure out that’s something going on.

Talking shop

If there is something annoying about holiday party conversations is discussing office differences or bragging about your work. The party’s main aim is to take you away from work realm and to get to know other co-workers better. Don’t discuss your good work or rant about how you despise and can’t stand one of your co-workers. This is a turn-off in any party conversation. You can share jokes and stories but be mindful as some may be funny to you but offensive to the other person.


We all enjoy a good refreshment and at times get carried away to eat a lot. It’s okay to do this at home or house parties but not office parties. There may be your favorite meals and you happen to be very hungry. Just remember that you are in an office event and restrain from being excessive.

On the whole, parties tend to be a great time for office gossip. Ensure you have stories up your sleeve to avoid such situations that may lead to you to vent your feelings on your boss. If you avoid these blunders, then you sure are going to enjoy the party and escape embarrassments.


year-end – koniec roku finansowego
immense – ogromny, niezmierny
grub – żarcie (AmE)
perilous – ryzykowny, niebezpieczny
pitfall – pułapka, potrzask
act up – źle się zachować
hootch – gorzała
blemish – szpecić, zniekształcać
fray – walka, zwada
attire – strój, ubiór
decency – przyzwoitość
vibe – pozytywna aura
dazzling – oszałamiający
loosen up – rozluźniać się
wind down – odprężać się
inept – niestosowny
marvel at somebody – podziwiać kogoś
overindulge – nadmiernie dogadzać sobie
dally with – flirtować z kimś
secluded – ustronne (np. miejsce), zaciszny
talk shop – rozmawiać o sprawach zawodowych
brag – przechwalać się
despise – pogardzać kimś
turn-off – coś co zniechęca
restrain – powstrzymywać się
vent – dawać upust (np. emocjom)
blunder – gafa, wpadka

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