Angielski na poziomie B1, to idealne miejsce dla osób, które opanowały już podstawy angielskiego i chcą w dalszym ciągu rozwijać swoje kompetencje językowe. Artykuły, które znajdują się w tej sekcji zawierają różnorodną tematykę, przydatne słówka/ zwroty i filmiki.  Wszystkie materiały są dostosowane pod wymagania maturalne oraz inne egzaminy językowe. Z Gettin' English, czytanie ze zrozumieniem po angielsku to sama przyjemność. Wybierz dowolny artykuł i przekonaj się już dziś.


Life in Six Words

Ernest Hemingway, one of the most outstanding American writers, is probably famous for his novel The Old Man and the Sea. If you didn’t like the book at primary school as much as me,...

Can Robots Replace Pets?

Getting a pet companion is a fundamental part of being human. We have always loved our four-legged friends and life without them could be really boring. Unfortunately, real pets may soon become a thing...

Celebrities with strange phobias

According to psychologists a phobia is an excessive fear of objects or some situations. Its symptoms often lead to breathlessness, a sense of unreality, dizziness, nausea or even a fear of dying. Everyone can...

Addicted to your iPhone?

Why do we love technology so much? What is it about that takes our precious time and glues us to an electronic screen for so long? Mobile phones have become a common part of...

Why thank you is powerful?

How many times a day do you say thank you? Have you ever wondered? The thing is that words of gratitude cost nothing, not even effort. I’d say we neglect to be grateful at...

America’s most ridiculous laws

If you review law books, public records or even talk to residents of some cities in the USA, you may    find out about unusual and obscure laws. The regulations we have prepared for...

Royal Ascot Fashion

  „A day at Royal Ascot is about so much more than the exhilarating racing action. Featuring high fashion, sumptuous cuisine and pageantry, Royal Ascot promises an occasion that will last long in the memory.”...

Astronomical Phone Bill

Solenne San Jose had to shake her head in disbelief when she opened the envelope with her telephone bill. After she had lost her job, she was forced to cut down on some expenses...

Cycling safely

The Seil Bag is a new concept introduced by a Korean inventor with all city cyclists in mind. If you adore riding a bike in your spare time and you find it hard to...

Home schooling

Have you ever heard of home schooling or home education? These days this form of educating one’s children is gaining in popularity for instance in The United States of America or Australia. Some parents decide on taking their...

New York City Diva

Lea Michele a real American superstar, born on August 29, 1986 in the Bronx, New York. Her career took off in 2006 when she took part in a rock musical Spring Awakening on Broadway. But it was...

A Man with 52 Jobs

„Hello! My name is Matt Frost and I’m mad enough to be working 52 different jobs in 52 weeks this year. I’m travelling all over the UK to try and discover a true passion....




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