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Imagine you received 100 bucks? How would you spend this money? Before you answer my question, let me tell you a story about Thomas – a homeless guy who was secretly filmed by YouTube star Josh Paler Lin.

As a social experiment, Thomas was given a $100 bill and then followed with a hidden camera to see what he was going to spend it on. As we watch the video it is clear to Josh that the down-and-out guy will buy alcohol the moment he goes straight to a liquor store. A few minutes later Thomas leaves the shop and heads for a local park. But it isn’t booze that the man keeps in his bag. Instead, he shares foodstuff with other homeless folks in the park!

Josh approaches the man to ask why he decided to do that. Thomas replies „there’s things money can’t buy and I get a happiness out of what I’m doing.” What’s more, we find out how he became homeless and what happened to his mother and stepfather. He also explains how he lost the condo he used to have. Anyway, watch the full video to get more information.

It’s a heart-warming story which proves that appearances can be very deceptive.  But that’s not the end of this story. Josh Paler Lin created a page where people can donate cash and help Thomas make a fresh start. The good news is that people have been very generous so far. By the way, are you ready to answer my question now? What would you do with 100 bucks? Please comment below in English or Polish.



bucks – dolary (informal)
homeless – bezdomny
bill – banknot (AmE)
down-and-out – bezdomny, kloszard
liquor store – sklep monopolowy (AmE)
head for – kierować się do
booze – alkohol, gorzała (informal)
foodstuff – artykuły żywnościowe
folks – ludzie, grupa ludzi (AmE)
approach – zbliżać się, podejść do kogoś
stepfather – ojczym
condo – mieszkanie własnościowe (condominium)
heart-warming – podnoszący na duchu
appearances can be deceptive – pozory mylą
donate – ofiarować
make a fresh start – zacząć od nowa

POLECAMY SZKOŁĘ:reklama szkoła językowa nowa1

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  1. Moja znajoma była świadkiem podobnego zdarzenia… Na dworcu obdarowała żebrzącego nie dając mu wprawdzie do rąk pieniędzy… Kupiła mu obiad… Ten… zamiast sam zjeść najpierw poszedł po kolegę i podzielił się z nim obiadem. Taki wydawałoby się zwykły menel…. Jak to pozory mylą pozdrawiam

  2. If I had the money, I will bought me a new computer with very good graphic`s card. Do the sentence is correctly? Please, you write me.

  3. If I would have 100 bucks I would spend 10 bucks for a lottery and the rest give to a homeless man who lives in my town. People are calling him ‘Jesus’. Maybe this is this sign from Lord :)

  4. If I would have 100 bucks I will travel somewere. I love to travel and visit new places. It;s not lots od money but I think it will be enough for some nice weekend in mountains ; )

  5. I would definitely give 50 bucks to my mum and the rest of this money I would like to spend on pleasant things for me ;-)