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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

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Kasyna niemal na każdym rogu, luksusowe hotele oraz zagłębie imprezowe to nieodłączne elementy wizerunku Miasta Grzechu. W dzisiejszym artykule przedstawiamy krótki przewodnik po  Las Vegas. Odkryjesz niezwykłe miejsca, poznasz przydatne słownictwo na poziomie średnio zaawansowanym a także nauczysz się odpowiednio stosować je w kontekście. A wszystko po to, by nauka angielskiego online w naszym serwisie była łatwa i przyjemna. Do dzieła!

One of the best places to visit in the world is Las Vegas. If you are a high-spirited individual, this fabulous land of adventure should be on your bucket list. Here are some jaw-dropping places that you must absolutely visit.



Nothing is half as exciting as gambling in the city that never sleeps. Playing craps at Binion’s is the best experience. It is the home of fortunes and crap rolls. Binion’s has been a gambling hall and casino for years building a strong reputation in the industry. It should be the first stop after arriving in the city, for no other destination provides the same bang for the buck. Additionally, this fancy hotel has a steakhouse with a breathtaking view of the city.



Having some brewsky and barbeque is definitely a welcome idea for Las Vegas visitors. There are plenty of mouth-watering options at Ellis Island. The service is fast, the food is delicious and totally worth the effort to get over there. If you love buffet look no further than M Resort which is located at the south end of Las Vegas. It is yet another glitz and glamour place with modern architecture to behold where one can engage in casino games and other forms of thrilling entertainment.



Nowhere else can you find a wealth of information on the history of Las Vegas than at the Neon Museum. It is a popular venue with dozens of vintage signs. It is set on a six-acre piece of land which makes it ideal for a relaxed day after all the reveling in the city. There are tours with knowledgeable guides who will explain the history behind many of the signs scattered around the boneyard.

If you haven’t visited Las Vegas, your bucket list has a woefully massive hole. The city has something to appeal to everyone and you’re bound to take home with you some awesome memories. When in the grand city, take advantage of all the entertainment options available for an unforgettable experience. I do hope you will visit this enchanting Sin City one day.



high-spirited – pełen werwy/ energii
fabulous – fantastyczny, bajeczny
bucket list – lista rzeczy do zrobienia przed śmiercią
jaw-dropping – oszałamiający
gambling – hazard
craps – gra w kości
bang for the buck – zarobek, zysk
grab a bite (to eat) – przekąsić coś
brewsky – browar (US)
glitz – blichtr
behold – ujrzeć
thrilling – ekscytujący
venue – miejsce
reveling – ucztowanie
knowledgeable – znający się na rzeczy
scattered – rozrzucony, rozsiany
boneyard – cmentarz (slang)
woefully – godny pożałowania
enchanting – czarujący


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