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A Man with 52 Jobs

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Hello! My name is Matt Frost and I’m mad enough to be working 52 different jobs in 52 weeks this year. I’m travelling all over the UK to try and discover a true passion. Anybody, anywhere in the UK can offer me a job for one week and all of my wages are beingdonated to The Prince’s Trust” – said Matt on

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He took on this crazy but truly inspiring challenge in January 2013. The idea was to find a completely different job every week all year round. Simultaneously raising money for a charity was one of the priorities. Travelling around the UK and getting employed as a temporary worker helped him see a variety of professions and find his real cup of tea. He used to be a shop manager in London, but soon he understood what counted in life after a head injury he suffered from in 2012.

Not only did he get an insight into his potential as an employee but also avoided getting sacked. He was, among other things,:

  • a stuntman
  • a pizza boy
  • a blacksmith
  • a soldier
  • a garbage collector
  • a radio DJ
  • a film journalist
  • a locksmith
  • a game designer
  • the Mayor of London

After a year full of adventures he said: „It’s been probably the most rewarding, amazing thing I have ever had to do, but it has probably also been the toughest.” He also mentioned some disadvantages: „I’ve been sleeping on a lot of sofas, taking the cheapest possible buses, trying to group the jobs together.” At the end of an interview he said a bit about the year 2013 – „socially, it’s been an interesting one.”

Can you guess which job he has picked? After all, he is going to work in the computer games industry! 

  • donate – ofiarować
  • simultaneously – jednocześnie
  • charity – organizacja charytatywna
  • cup of tea – (tu) w jego stylu
  • suffer from – cierpieć na
  • get an insight into – mieć w coś wgląd
  • get sacked – zostać wylanym z pracy
  • a stuntman – kaskader
  • a blacksmith – kowal
  • a garbage collector – śmieciarz
  • a locksmith – ślusarz
  • the Mayor – burmistrz
  • rewarding – satysfakcjonujący
  • tough – ciężki / twardy
  • pick – wybrać

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