A Beer Belly

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The name may sound a bit funny but for the majority of men who have a beer belly it’s a real burden. Your six-pack, literally, turns into a keg and you start looking for some solution to get over this problem. But is it really beer that causes the whole thing?

We will try to uncover true factors influencing the size of your gut.

If we analyse a number of calories, we will see a typical beer has 150 of them. It is not so bad but if you drink a few pints in one sitting, you are likely to end up with calorie overload. According to scientific research, beer increases your appetite and it is snacks such as crisps, nuts, salty sticks or pizzas that „help” you put on weight sooner or later. In fact, they are our enemies and we need to be careful about this unwanted intake of fatty food.

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From a medical point of view, human liver works overtime to burn off extra calories. On one hand, detoxifying the alcohol takes some time, on the other hand all the tasty treats you ingested the night before make it hard to get rid of. That is definitely a weary process for your body. Interestingly, even teetotallers can experience this unpleasantness. As they say, you are what you eat. So next time you indulge yourself, think about a pot belly you can easily get. Moderation, moderation and once again moderation!

How can I avoid a beer gut. Any magical hints?

The rules are simple. If you follow them on a daily basis you are not going to worry about displeasing consequences.

  • extra physical activity three or four times a week will be invaluable,
  • eat a clean breakfast with your favourite cereal. An egg eaten in the morning, fresh fruit or something light will improve your metbolism,
  • cut down on fats, carbs and including some protein. It can do wonders,
  • eat regularly and in small portions,
  • eliminate sugar if possible,
  • don’t be a couch potato.

Enjoy your life, be positive and consider everything you are going to eat. It does not mean you need to give up your joys but do not waste your effort to look great. 


a beer belly – mięsień piwny (duży brzuch)
burden – ciężar
literally – dosłownie
keg – beczułka / baryłka
a pint – pinta (około pół litra)
overload – przeciążenie / nadmiar czegoś
salty sticks – paluszki
put on weight – przytyć / przybrać na wadze
intake – spożycie
burn off – spalić
detoxify – oczyszczać z substancji toksycznych
treats – smakołyki
ingest – spożyć / przyjmować pokarm
get rid of – pozbyć się
weary – męczący
teetotaller – abstynent / niepijący
indulge oneself – folgować sobie / dawać upust
a pot belly – wystający brzuch
moderation – umiar / umiarkowanie
a gut – (tu) bęben / brzuch
on a daily basis – każdego dnia
displeasing – nieprzyjemny
invaluable – nieoceniony
cut down on – ograniczyć
do wonders – zdziałać cuda
a couch potato – osoba spędzająca czas biernie przed TV

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