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Why thank you is powerful?

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How many times a day do you say thank you? Have you ever wondered? The thing is that words of gratitude cost nothing, not even effort. I’d say we neglect to be grateful at times and for some people it’s rude. Interestingly, this is one of the most potent ways of enhancing our well-being and strengthening social relationships.

Jeżeli dopiero zaczynasz przygodę z językiem angielskim, warto sięgnąć po samouczki i kursy dla każdego. Znajdziesz wiele interesujących publikacji, które pomogą Tobie w szybszym opanowaniu języka angielskiego.

Showing appreciation to your loved one makes them feel confident and good. According to psychological research, it plays a significant role for both the person who receives and gives thanks. It goes without saying that everyone  has an inner need to be thanked and recognized by others. Does it warm your heart when your colleagues or parents show acts of kindness? It is bound to remind you of positive things in life and make a huge difference. Don’t expect to be honored night and day, but offer something in return. A few weeks ago I saw this video on YouTube and it gave me food for thought. I’m thankful for all I have; challenges, ups and downs and surprises that show up every day. I’m truly happy with having a unique opportunity to be part of Gettin’ English team and creating inspiring articles for our fans. If you appreciate our work, please let us know.

So live a life of gratitude and stop complaining. Thank someone who’s dear to you and enjoy little things. Create a change in your environment and find the right way to praise other folks.


wonder – zastanawiać się
gratitude – wdzięczność
neglect – zaniedbać, lekceważyć
potent – mocny, skuteczny
enhance – poprawić, wzmacniać
well-being – dobre samopoczucie
appreciation – uznanie, wdzięczność
inner – wewnętrzny

bound – skłonny
night and day – cały czas
in return – w zamian
give somebody food for thought – dać komuś do myślenia
praise – wychwalać kogoś
folks – ludzie


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