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Are You a Couch Potato?

Research has shown that many television addicts are also couch potatoes. Couch addiction has existed for a long time but it is now time to look at it due to the indirect or direct health problems that it may bring. Sitting or lying down on that couch may cause health problems such as hemorrhoids, cellulite and deep vein thrombosis among others. A couch potato could also suffer from obesity, boredom and laziness. It is important to know whether you are one of the greatest lazy-bones.

If you have a couch in the bedroom, one in the TV room, one in the office and another one in the verandah, you are a couch addict. Just admit it, you enjoy sitting down a lot and not only on any chair, but on the couch. Another sign is when you visit a friend or enter an office and you promptly start looking for a couch.

If you do all your activities while seated on the couch, then you are a couch addict. Do you surf while on the couch? Do you read and eat on the same sofa? Do you watch telly on the couch and even sleep on it till midnight? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to learn how to stop the obsession with the sofa. It may cost you your good health.

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If your couch has a dent, then you might be an addict. The dent is formed on the area where your bottom touches the cushion. A big dent shows that you spend most of your time seated or lying down on the sofa. The solution does not lie in buying new cushions but in deciding to control your habit.

You are a couch addict if every time you arise from the couch your back aches a little. Something tells me that you must have spent a lot of time on sofas to such an extent that the shape of your back and body changed or was misaligned. Sleeping on the couch or sitting on it may alter the shape of your body since the cushions are soft. Hard surfaces are usually good for healthy sleep and well maintained body structure.

With this information, you should be able to know whether you are a couch potato or not. If you are one, aspire to take the necessary steps for the sake of your health. So, where are you going out today?


addict – osoba uzależniona
couch potato – telemaniak, kanapowy leń
due to – w związku z, wskutek
deep vein thrombosis – zakrzepica żył głębokich
obesity – otyłość
lazy-bones – leń
promptly – natychmiast, szybko
seated – siedzący
telly – telewizja (nieformalnie)
dent – wgniecenie, wgięcie
bottom – tyłek, pupa (pośladki)
cushion – poduszka (np. na kanapie)
to such an extent that – do ego stopnia, że
misaligned – niedopasowany
alter – zmienić
aspire – dążyć do czegoś
for the sake of – dla (np. zdrowia)

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