If you want to get fit but dread the thought of running on a treadmill or sweating it out at an aerobics class, then perhaps you may find Zuu fitness more appealing. In a nutshell, Zuu fitness is animal-inspired exercise designed to be liberating and above all fun.

Zuu fitness was first developed in Australia but has quickly spread all over the world, offering people a different and less structured way to keep fit. The basic premise involves mimicing the movements of various animals as called out by the instructor – examples including a snake, gorilla, frog, tiger and bear. Even though this sounds pretty silly, there is serious science behind the workout which is designed to be high intensity; targeting both minor and major muscle groups, developing strength, endurance and agility.

There are several nice aspects to Zuu fitness, perhaps the most significant being that it is fun! If you can overcome your inhibitions and throw yourself into various movements, it can help you unleash the inner animal inside you. In many ways it is a throwback to childhood when many of us would run about pretending to be all types of creatures. The high intensity nature of Zuu fitness also means that even short workouts can be extremely beneficial – just 15 minutes of sustained exercise can burn between 500 and 1000 calories. This is great for boosting cardio-vascular fitness, particularly for people with limited free time.

A further benefit of Zuu fitness is that the exercises need no special equipment and very little space, making this workout budget-friendly and ideal to do at home if you cannot or prefer not to attend the gym. There are many instructional videos available online to follow and this would be a lovely way for mums and dads to exercise at home with their children.


reklama szkoła językowa nowa1

dread – bać się
treadmill – stacjonarna bieżnia
appealing – atrakcyjny, interesujący
in a nutshell – w skrócie
premise – założenie
workout – trening
minor – niewielki, pomniejszy
endurance – wytrzymałość
agility – zwinność
inhibitions – zahamowania
unleash – wyzwolić
throwback – powrót do przeszłości
run about – biegać tu i tam
sustained – nieprzerwany
cardio-vascular – sercowo-naczyniowy

Czego jeszcze możesz się nauczyć?


Powyższy opis sportu po angielsku został wzbogacony o różne przykłady czasowników statycznych i dynamicznych.  Jeśli chcesz poszerzyć znajomość gramatyki, sprawdź już teraz co przygotowaliśmy dla Ciebie. Zachęcamy Cię również do pobrania naszego najnowszego e-booka Reading B1, dzięki któremu zaczniesz czytać szybciej po angielsku. Poznasz również przydatne słownictwo z różnych dziedzin życia. Czy nauka angielskiego może być prostsza?

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