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Can Robots Replace Pets?

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Getting a pet companion is a fundamental part of being human. We have always loved our four-legged friends and life without them could be really boring. Unfortunately, real pets may soon become a thing of the past.

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Dr. Jean Loup Rault from Melbourne University believes that robotic pets might replace pets within the next generation as a result of densely populated cities of the future. His bizarre prediction is also based on the fact that technology makes humanoid robots more advanced, intelligent and adorable. A robot pet can be a friendly companion around your house thanks to its interactivity. It can recognise your voice, carry out an order or even connect to the Internet to find a piece of information you need. Pepper, the latest creation from Aldebaran, is able to read the owner’s emotions and adapt to his mood. The Sony Aibo dog also reflects a wide range of emotions and with its allure it has already become a great entertainer to thousands of children and adults all over the place.

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Before you buy your brand-new pet, take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of having this machine. Naturally, people who are allergic to pets or frightened of animals will fall in love with them very quickly. No feeding, cleaning up after your pet can be the greatest benefit as well. On the other hand, some people believe that even the most elaborate artificial intelligence is unlikely to replace grace of real animals. This doesn’t mean that affection for robot pets is weaker. In Japan, people hold funerals for their beloved pets to say goodbye when they can no longer fix the circuits. Hard to imagine that in Poland, right?

W powyższym artykule zastosowaliśmy czasowniki modalne. Chcesz poszerzyć swoją wiedzę? Sprawdź koniecznie czasowniki modalne w przeszłości i wykonaj kreatywne zadanie, które przygotowaliśmy specjalnie dla Ciebie. Podziel się swoją opinią na temat tego wpisu – czy roboty już niedługo staną się codziennością?



companion – towarzysz
be a thing of the past – być przeszłością
replace – zastępować
densely populated – gęsto zaludniony
bizarre – dziwaczny
adorable – zachwycający, uroczy
recognise – rozpoznawać
carry out an order – wykonywać polecenie
mood – nastrój
allure – wdzięk, powab
all over the place – wszędzie
brand-new – zupełnie nowy
advantages and disadvantages – zalety i wady
elaborate – złożony
grace – wdzięk
affection – sympatia, uczucie
funeral – pogrzeb
beloved – ukochany
fix the circuit – naprawić obwód elektryczny