Mother’s Day is a special day to honour mothers’ hard work and appreciate their role in society. It’s celebrated on various days in the world, but the idea is universal all over the place. We want to thank our mothers for their efforts, restless nights and we should definitely give them a hug of love on 26 May. They are superheroes and although they don’t wear capes they always devote their lives and expect nothing in return.

There are thousands of touching stories on the Internet about brave mothers. Melissa Harvey from Texas saved her children who were trapped inside the house when it caught fire. A woman in Nairobi protected her son from the terrorists who seized a shopping centre in 2013. Nikki Bradshaw Carpenter lost her life trying to save her kids when a massive tornado struck Mississippi. Other moms had the nerve to face wild animals such as sharks or pumas when their children were in danger.

These mothers made headlines and surprised everyone, but what about your mom’s strength? If you think you have received a lot of care and support from your mother, make sure to pamper her every day.

Dzień Matki to świetna okazja do tego, żeby podziękować mamie za wszystko, co dla nas robi. Jaką super-mocą dysponuje Twoja mama? :) Napisz w komentarzu za co podziwiasz ją najbardziej.



reklama szkoła językowa nowa1

touching – wzruszający
trapped – w potrzasku
seize – zawładnąć
have the nerve – mieć odwagę
make headlines – trafić na pierwsze strony gazet
pamper – rozpieszczaćappreciate – doceniać
all over the place – wszędzie
restless night – nieprzespana noc
hug – uścisk
cape – peleryna
devote – poświęcać (np. swój czas)
in return – w zamian, w rewanżu

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