„Don’t slouch my dear son. You don’t want to look like Quasimodo when you grow up, do you?” The moment I heard her words, I automatically sat up straight. My mum was right and now I understand why good posture can work miracles. Long hours spent in front of a computer often make my muscles ache. That’s why, I stretch a bit every time I get down to work. Soon I was surprised to discover that regular physical activity and good posture helped me feel better.

When we exercise proper posture, we tend to feel more confident and it can give us an energy boost. What’s more, sitting straight lowers your fear and reduces stress! Control your body on a daily basis to avoid discomfort and injury. Additionally, sitting in the right position allows more oxygen to enter your body. Thanks to better breathing, you naturally feel relaxed. Sounds great, right? This short film should convince you as well.

It seems that yoga, swimming or similar exercises can help you improve flexibility and protect your spine. So take advantage of every chance to stretch your body. You will look attractive and thinner. Practising good posture makes a big difference in your physical and mental health. What are you waiting for? Stand up and move that lovely booty for a minute.


slouch – garbić się
posture – postawa, postura
work miracles – czynić cuda
ache – boleć
stretch – rozciągać się
get down to – zabrać się do czegoś
proper – właściwy, odpowiedni
boost – czynnik pobudzający, zwiększenie się
on a daily basis – każdego dnia
injury – kontuzja, uszkodzenie
oxygen – tlen
convince – przekonać
improve flexibility – poprawić gibkość
spine – kręgosłup
take advantage of – wykorzystać (np. szansę)
booty – tyłeczek

Dodatkowo poznaj nowe słownictwo

Poznaj dodatkowe słownictwo związane ze zdrowiem. Wybierz interesującą Cię zakładkę i poświęć 15 min na przyswojenie słówek, które z powodzeniem wykorzystasz w codziennej komunikacji.

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