Do you ever feel you are stuck in a rut or race against the clock? To avoid wasting yourself in stress, learn some tips that will help you put your feet up during your free time. Here are some practical ways to unwind a bit and have fun without breaking your principles.

Are you seeking a good way to take a chill pill after a tiring day? Instead of flipping through TV channels, indulge in a book. I think lifelong readers are spoilt for choice – from print to electronic reading materials. Whether it is fiction, a glossy magazine or even gutter press, reading is bound to give you a greater understanding of the world around you. There are also endless materials available on the Internet and it is definitely worth getting hold of a gripping read this summer.

Walking is a great way to relax your mind and kill some time. As you enjoy the outdoors, you improve your mindset by just seeing the nature. For mental and physical health, it seems that strolling is an absolute must. You can also go for a brisk walk with your dog and let it keep you company. Before you realize it, all stress will have gone for good. You bet!

By now you may have heard that meditation can boost positive skills and awareness. Every human being has a spiritual thing that becomes very real during meditation. It relieves stress by connecting life moments with the inner being. Even though it is not easy to sit back, clear your thoughts and focus on your body at least you could try to give it your best shot. Meditation is a profound practice, so take your time and learn how to meditate.

Spend your leisure time by striking up a conversation with a friend or hanging out spontaneously every now and again. Why don’t you make small talk with perfect strangers? By stepping beyond your usual comfort zone, you are likely to meet a bunch of interesting people. I can vouch for it.

Last but not least, you should turn everyday chores into joys. Give yourself free time to explore new recipes, redesign your garden or become a real DIY enthusiast. If you let the usual tedious activities of daily life creep into your spare time, you will end up being bored stiff. Pursuing hobbies makes you more content as a person. Life can be overwhelming sometimes, so do not forget to have some fun and enjoy the little things.

reklama szkoła językowa nowa1


be stuck in a rut – popaść w rutynę
race against the clock – wyścig z czasem
put your feet up – relaksować się
unwind – odprężyć się
take a chill pill – dać na luz
flip through – przelecieć wzrokiem, kartkować
indulge – oddawać się czemuś
gutter press – prasa brukowa
gripping – porywający
brisk – szybki, żwawy
you bet – masz to jak w banku
boost – zwiększać, pobudzać
give sth your best shot – zrobić wszystko, na co cię stać
profound – głęboki
strike up a conversation – nawiązać rozmowę
vouch for – ręczyć za coś
tedious – monotonny
creep into – wkraść się do
bored stiff – śmiertelnie znudzony
overwhelming – przytłaczający

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