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Moon vacations by 2024? – Poziom B2

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What does the future hold? Every year we are bombarded with diversified visions of the future and whether to believe tech specialists or not some daring predictions are likely to become commonplace quite soon. Skyscanner, a website which provides price comparisons for hotels, car hire services and flights, has released a bold report titled „The Future of Travel in 2024.” They hypothesize what travel may look like in a decade from nowadays.

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This notable travel search engine predicts that space tourism will not be reserved exclusively for affluent and haughty holidaymakers. According to Skyscanner „orbital space travel will be the next hot ticket and commercial companies are lining up to make it a more affordable proposition.” Thrill-seeking travellers’ appetite should be appeased due to a new space race. Undoubtedly, government-funded efforts as well as commercial ventures will enable cosmic tourists to set foot on the lunar surface by 2024. Those unable to splash out $250,000 on a round-trip ticket, will console themselves with floating weightlessly in low Earth orbit at a competitive price.

Visionaries look forward to other travel options as well. Hence, they went a bit further and said that travel from Sydney to London would take nearly two hours without multiple layovers. Skyscanner CEO Gareth Williams eagerly foresees the rise of hotels beneath the waves. „I suspect that mass underwater exploration and tourism will develop with greater pace than mass space tourism. And I suspect you would get more from it, because there is more to see down there than in space.” I hope they are not lost in their own daydreams.

At any rate, I am inclined to believe that it is a total far cry from reality. On the other hand, I intend to keep my eyes open for the international race that is bound to come sooner or later. Apparently, no country wants to finish in second place.

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