Przeczytaj poniższy tekst na temat prawidłowego zachowania at the party na imprezie. Sprawdź w słowniczku nowo poznane słówka.

Do you love socializing with other people and going to parties? That’s great! If you visit your friends in their houses, there are a couple of things you need to remember about.

  •  Think of some outfit in which you will feel comfortable, but at the same time don’t forget to look nice. It depends on the occasion but before you leave the house check your wardrobe and pick appropriate clothes.
  • It is polite to ask the host if you should bring any food like snacks or beverages. Even if they refuse, you can take a bottle of good wine with you. Believe me this small gift will mean a lot.
  • Try to come on time or turn up not later than fifteen minutes after it is scheduled. It seems a good idea to say „thanks for inviting me” and compliment the hosts on something charming in their house. They will appreciate your interest and honest intentions.
  • I don’t need to remind you about making conversations with other people. You never know who has been invited. There can be really interesting people around. Come up to someone who looks friendly and have a small talk.
  • As the party is slowly coming to an end, find the host and tell them „I had a lovely time.” Show  your gratitude and say „Hope to see you next time in my place. You’re invited.”


socialize – udzielać się towarzysko
an outfit – ubiór / strój
It depends on … – to zależy od …
pick – wybierać
appropriate clothes – odpowiednie ubrania
a host – gospodarz
beverages – napoje
refuse – odmówić
a gift – podarunek
turn up – pojawić się
scheduled – zaplanowany / wyznaczony (np. czas spotkania)
compliment on – prawić komplementy na jakiś temat
charming – czarujący / uroczy
appreciate – docenić
remind about – przypominać komuś o czymś
come up to – podejść do
a small talk – rozmowa na błahe tematy
gratitude – wdzięczność

Poniżej przedstawiamy przykładowy dialog na imprezie. Przeanalizuj każde zdanie pod kątem przydatnych wyrażeń. Poniżej znajdziesz tłumaczenie najtrudniejszych słów i przydatnych zwrotów, które pomogą Ci odnieść sukces w codziennej komunikacji.

Justin: Hi Claire! Glad to see you. Come in.
Claire: Hello, thanks for inviting me. I’m sorry I’m late but there is a lot of traffic right now. Oh, I decided to bring some wine. It’s for you.
Justin: It’s really nice of you. I’ll take it to the kitchen. You can leave your coat over there.
Claire: Thanks. What a lovely flat you have. It’s so spacious and modern. Love it.
Justin: Great to hear that. Let’s go to the living room. I will introduce you to the rest of my guests.
Claire: Fine. I can’t wait.
Justin: Guys, this is Claire. She’s my workmate. Hope you can talk to everyone. Feel at home.

after a few minutes

Claire: Hi there. I’m Claire, Justin’s workmate. What’s your name?
Christopher: Nice to meet you Claire. I’m Christopher.
Claire: Sorry, I didn’t catch your name. It’s loud here.
Christopher: My name’s Christopher and I went to university with Justin.
Claire: Oh! And what brings you here?
Christopher: I haven’t seen him for a long time and now I’m in the city so it’s a nice chance to talk to him. Claire, do you want me to get you something to drink?
Claire: Well, I’ll have a beer if it’s not a problem for you.
Christopher: There you go. Cheers!
Claire: To Justin. So what do you do?
Christopher: I’m a sales representative and I travel a lot. And you?
Claire: Justin and I work in the sales department. It’s cool and we enjoy working together.
Christopher: Hey, what are you doing this weekend? Would you like to go to the cinema?
Claire: With pleasure. I have a day off work so we can go out on Saturday.
Christopher:  Awesome. OK, I’ll get us some snacks.

after three hours.

Claire: Justin, I need to go. Tomorrow I’m going on a business trip if remember. Thanks for having me.
Justin: Alright, I understand. That was great to see you. I’ll ask my sister to give you a lift.
Claire: Oh, there’s no need. I’ll catch a taxi. Thanks again. Enjoy the party and see you on Friday.
Justin: See you.


Glad to see you – Miło Cię widzieć
Thanks for inviting me – Dziękuję, że mnie zaprosiłeś
It’s really nice of you – Miło z Twojej strony
a spacious and modern flat – przestronne i nowoczesne mieszkanie
I will introduce you to … – przedstawię Cię …
I can’t wait – nie mogę się doczekać
Feel at home – rozgość się / czuj się jak u siebie w domu
I didn’t catch your name – nie usłyszałam Twojego imienia
it’s loud here – głośno tu
What brings you here? – Co Cię tu sprowadza?
Do you want me to get you …? – Chcesz abym przyniósł Ci …
Cheers – Na zdrowie
To … – za … (czyjeś zdrowie)
With pleasure – z przyjemnością
have a day off – mieć dzień wolny (od)
awesome – świetnie
Thanks for having me – dzięki za zaproszenie mnie
give a lift – podrzucić kogoś

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