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How much do you hate me? B2

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A. place to crap on somebody so let’s take a peek at how somebody can become a pain in the neck.

B. It is also believed that people who pick on others probably went through unpleasant events in early childhood or may have been manipulated by their parents or peers. Lacing into individuals who are a lot better off makes them feel content. Consequently, more

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hate-czytanie-ze-zrozumieniem-B2C. Hatred – a very strong feeling of loathing filled with extreme aversion and hostility. Who hasn’t experienced even once in a lifetime other people’s animosity? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Internet seems to be the finest

D. Who is a typical hater? First of all, this is a person who tries to assassinate your character and give full vent to their anger in a violent outburst. Due to their mediocre performances at work or failures in family life, they can’t stand your hard work or winning streak. A number of them are bigots whose aim is to victimise those of different ethnicity,

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E. and more people may end up being frustrated and their confidence is seriously undermined. Sadly, this vicious circle appears to be unbreakable.

F. religion, race or sexual orientation. Regardless of reasons, their activity is a deliberate act. And now when the Internet is in full swing, putting people down has never been so much easy and persistent.

G. inclined to believe that we ought to disregard those who dare to needle us every now and then. If they cannot change their attitude, why should we even care about their cutting comments?

H. Online hatred is real and throwing a hate bomb into any place in the net is as easy as pie. Unfortunately, emotional harm does not fade away into the digital vacuum and it is up to the disadvantaged person how they will handle it. At any rate, I am

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