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Red Nose Day – be funny for money!

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Have you ever thought about making a real difference? You can do this on Red Nose Day in the UK. Thanks to incredible generosity of many people, some projects can get funds to transform people’s lives. But what is it all about?

Jeżeli dopiero zaczynasz przygodę z językiem angielskim, warto sięgnąć po samouczki i kursy dla każdego. Znajdziesz wiele interesujących publikacji, które pomogą Tobie w szybszym opanowaniu języka angielskiego.

Comic Relief is a British charity which was founded in 1985 by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry. At that time, both men were very worried about famine in Ethiopia and wished to do their best to help people in need. Nowadays, the highlight of this venture is a biennial telethon called Red Nose Day. As the name suggests, you should be wearing a foam red nose in exchange for a donation. Every March thousands of people become involved in the event to support young and old people across the country and poor areas in Africa. The British tend to watch various shows on BBC One which include parodies of films, events or recent TV programmes.

This year make your face funny to raise a lot of money. All you need is some face paint, a pair of scissors, adhesive tape, elastic bands, a smartphone to take your selfie. Visit  and find out more!


  • make a difference – zmienić coś
  • generosity – szczodrość
  • funds – fundusze, środki
  • charity – organizacja dobroczynna
  • found – założyć (np. firmę)
  • famine – głód
  • highlight – główna atrakcja
  • venture – śmiałe przedsięwzięcie
  • biennial – mający miejsce co dwa lata
  • telethon – maraton telewizyjny mający na celu zbiórkę pieniędzy
  • donation – datek
  • adhesive tape – taśma klejąca
  • raise money – zbierać pieniądze