San Francisco

San Francisco is a dazzling city on the central coast of California. It’s known for its distinguishing neighbourhoods and tourist attractions as diverse as the weather. Nowadays a hub for start-ups and one of the world’s technology centres, San Francisco is a home to everything you crave for. If you visit it, you will have an unforgettable adventure. Why don’t you hitch a ride on cable cars and discover the toughest place to make a prison break, hippie history and the most famous landmark – the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch the video and check some facts you may find interesting.

  1. San Francisco was originally called Yerba Buena (in Spanish) which means „good grass.” It has other nicknames such as The City by the Bay, Fog City or San Fran.
  2. The Golden Gate Bridge was established in 1937. As it is so long, it needs to be repainted all the time. The colour was chosen for its visibility in the fog and it also complements the surrounding.
  3. The Chinese Fortune Cookie was invented in San Francisco! Did you know that the idea for Irish coffee also originated there?
  4. Was Alcatraz as harsh as they said? Well, its bad reputation was a bit of a Hollywood creation. Jailbirds had access to movies, a library full of books and magazines. Inmates could also ask for extra helpings if they wanted. Some prisoners wished to be moved there because of better conditions than at any other federal jail in the USA!
  5. In 1906, 3/4 of San Francisco was destroyed by an earthquake and fire leaving tons of rubble and distress behind.
  6. The city’s cable cars are the only National Historical Monuments that you can ride on.
  7. It was in 1873 that Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss created the first pair of denim jeans for the Gold Rush miners.
  8. 66% of the year is sunny. It’s a great place to go on holiday with your family and friends.

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dazzling – oszałamiający, imponujący
distinguishing – wyróżniający się
diverse – różnorodny
hub – centrum, środek
crave for – bardzo czegoś pragnąć
hitch a ride – złapać okazję
cable car – kolejka linowa / tramwaj
prison break – ucieczka z więzienia
landmark – charakterystyczny obiekt
originally – najpierw, początkowo
complement – uzupełniać
fortune cookie – ciasteczko z wróżbą
harsh – surowy, nieprzyjemny
jailbird – kryminalista
inmate – więzień
helping – porcja, dokładka (jedzenia)
rubble – rumowisko, gruzy
distress – rozpacz, cierpienie
Gold Rush – gorączka złota

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