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At the cinema – w kinie

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Przeczytaj poniższy tekst o kinie Odeon i poznaj nowe słownictwo.

Founded back in 1930, ODEON is the largest and best-known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland. And, famous the world over, ODEON Leicester Square has hosted over 700 of Europe’s biggest film premieres since the 1930s.

Today, we are owned by Terra Firma and our passion for film and the whole cinema experience is so deep-rooted that it is embodied in everything we do. We’re fanatical about film and so continuously strive to enhance and improve our customers’ experiences.

Jeżeli dopiero zaczynasz przygodę z językiem angielskim, warto sięgnąć po samouczki i kursy dla każdego. Znajdziesz wiele interesujących publikacji, które pomogą Tobie w szybszym opanowaniu języka angielskiego.

We offer so much more than a standard cinema screen and we also offer so much more than popcorn and soft drinks. We now have Costa Coffee in many of our locations, we have a superb cocktail lounge called Ambar, our Gallery offering includes unlimited popcorn, nachos and soft drinks.

We pride ourselves in the very best cinema experience: cutting-edge technology and the widest choice of experiences (this extends way beyond the box office – we also screen live sports and cultural events and special screenings for specific groups).


founded – założony
cinema chain – sieć kin
host – być gospodarzem
deep-rooted – głeboko zakorzeniony
embody – uosabiać
strive to – dokładać starań
enhance – poprawiać
soft drinks – napoje bezalkoholowe
lounge – bar
pride oneself – szczycić się
cutting-edge technology – najnowocześniejsza technologia
box office – kasa biletowa
screening – pokaz

Przeczytaj dialog poniżej, naucz się nowo poznanego słownictwa.

Peter: OK. Here we are! Odeon, one of the best cinemas in the UK. What do you feel like watching?
Veronica: Hmm. I’m not sure. What’s on?
Peter: How about Captain America? It’s an action movie with an all-star cast. What do you think?
Veronica: To be honest, I’m not keen on action films. Why don’t we see a comedy. Let’s have a look. Oh, there’s The Other Woman on. I’d love to see that. It is the opening night of this film.
Peter: Alright. I’ll go and get the tickets. Wait a second, please.

At the box office – w kasie biletowej

Cinema worker: Hi. How can I help you?
Peter: Hello. I’d like to buy two tickets.
Cinema worker: For what showing? Have you chosen the film yet?
Peter: Do you have any seats available for The Other Woman?
Cinema worker: Let me check. We still have two seats in the seventh row and at the back.
Peter: I’d prefer in the middle. I also have a student ID. Will that be cheaper?
Cinema worker: Yes. That will be 7 euros. Would you like any drinks or snacks?
Peter: I’ll have a big coke and some nachos.
Cinema worker: There you go. And here are your tickets. That’s 20 euros.
Peter: Can I pay by credit card?
Cinema worker: Of course. Key in the PIN code and press the green button.
Peter: Where should I go now.
Cinema worker: The entrance is on the left. Look for Screen 4. Enjoy the movie.
Peter: Thanks. Bye.



What do you feel like watching? – Co chciałabyś zobaczyć?
What’s on? – Co grają?
all-star cast – gwiazdorska obsada
To be honest – szczerze mówiąc
be keen on – przepadać za czymś
opening night – premiera
get the tickets – kupić bilety

For what showing? – Na jaki seans?
available – dostępny / wolny
row – rząd
Will that be cheaper? – Czy będzie taniej?
key in the PIN code – wprowadzić kod PIN
press the button – nacisnąć przycisk
entrance – wejście