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Wardrobing, the act of buying various items from a retail shop, using them once and then returning these products for a refund. This sneaky way to stay stylish has been on the rise for a while and stores appear to be powerless when it comes to this type of fraud. Instead of purchasing particular goods, wardrobers turn upmarket chains of department stores into their private libraries. The money-saving scam is usually done with costly garments, but recently the practice has also been common with computers, electronics as well as other devices.

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Nearly 70 per cent of American retailers admitted they have been victims of unscrupulous buyers. As a result, the retail industry loses over $8 billion a year. The question arises: is that a theft? Anita Naik from in her research reveals that „over a quarter of women who admit to wardrobing feel guilty about it, but the pressure to look good on special occasions makes it feel like the only option for some to look good on a budget.” As mentioned above, there are some ethical issues involved. It goes without saying that wardrobers do not bear any costs and the purchased items, which are taken back to the shop, are less valuable. The majority of shady clients, who do not realize it’s an illegal process, make others pay higher prices on goods. I used to know one girl who was particularly fond of such illicit practices, but since the truth came out we have lost touch. Did she make friends with a better companion for shopping ventures? I guess I will never find out.

As you can see, the idea of wardrobing may be seductive and for some of us it’s fun, but there are hundreds of stores which sell classy clothes from a range of designers for cut-rate prices. Why don’t you check there? It is a great idea to swap your attire with your family members or friends. If you know anyone who is into wardrobing, talk to them and explain why there’s nothing to boast about.

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