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Jak Polakom tak naprawdę żyje się w UK?

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Setki tysięcy Polaków każdego roku wyjeżdza z kraju, aby spróbować szczęścia za granicą. Jednym z najbardziej popularnych krajów jest bez dwóch zdań Wielka Brytania. Na początku marca zaprosiliśmy znajomych i kursantów szkoły językowej Gettin’ English do podzielenia się swoją opinią na temat życia w Zjednoczonym Królestwie. Polacy tam mieszkający mówią otwarcie o zaletach i wadach życia na obczyźnie (oczywiście po angielsku). Jeśli mieszkasz w Wielkiej Brytanii lub innym kraju, zachęcamy Cię do podzielenia się swoją opinią w komentarzu.

“Living and working in the UK definitely has pros and cons. Honestly, I really enjoy this beautiful, unique and multicultural city (I live in London). I love the accessibility to almost everything here; you can accomplish your wildest dreams – climb the O2 Arena, watch movies under the stars or test your strength at ‘Vertical Chill Ice Rock Climbing’. You have access to the entire world’s cuisines and cultures; Ethiopian, Brazilian, Indian, Thai or Caribbean. The variety is huge and prices are acceptable. But on the other hand, I am constantly homesick – I miss my family all the time! Another annoying aspect is travel time; you spend so many hours in the car or on public transport that it’s almost unbelievable! I used to travel 1,5 hours to work – one way! Last, but not least is the weather…. it’s mostly rainy and cloudy, so Wellington Boots or ‘Wellies’ are an essential accessory in the UK.”
Iwona, Londyn

“I have been living in the UK for nearly 3 years now, and I have to admit that living abroad is certainly not as simple as it might seem. To be able to settle down there, I have had to face many challenges such as arranging official matters and then finding a job and accommodation.
My biggest concern that I struggled for a long time with, was to find a permanent job. I was therefore forced to take up temporary jobs, which consequently left me feeling insecure constantly worrying about my financial problems. However, I was not going to give up knowing that I would achieve my goals sooner or later.
I still remember feeling a great sense of relief upon gaining my first permanent job. Since then, I have been coping much better, hence I do not have to worry about not having enough money to pay the bills. Likewise, I can afford to go to pubs, restaurants or on holiday and that gives me more opportunities to socialise.”
Adrian, Plymouth

“I am a person who doesn’t lead a very social life. I prefer to remain at home rather than go out. I always need a few minutes to feel comfortable with other people. So socializing is not easy for me. Once in a while, my husband and I go to restaurants, the cinema or to the club. Sometimes our employer organizes a party. We always try to be there and we can meet new interesting people. It is nice to see how they spend their leisure time here. It is not easy to feel totally happy in a different country. It’s another culture, and people have a bit different approach to life. The food tastes worse in comparison to Poland’s food. The health care system is very bad and if you are sick, they give you only paracetamol. I want to say that the Polish health care system isn’t as bad as we tend to think. Saving up some money is now much more difficult than a few years ago. On the other hand, I perceive positive aspects as well.  In the UK, it is much easier to open your own business. Clothes and restaurants are really cheap, but of course it depends on what kind of shops and resturant you choose.”
Gosia, Inverurie (Szkocja)

“There are many great things about living in London, however there are several aspects I’m not fond of. Firstly, even if someone is working on minimum wage it still allows a person to pay bills, take holidays a few times a year and save some money, too. London also has great transport links. You don’t have to drive to be almost anywhere in the city within a very short time.The people are always polite and friendly and there is such a diverse mix of people, which means you can experience lots of cultures and different cuisines. The city has bad points for me, too. It really is very crowded, there are sometimes too many people and that can make it feel very run-down. The weather is also one of London’s drawbacks, it feels like winter for 7 months of the year, it always seems to be raining. Lastly, the worst thing about living in London is that I miss my family.”
Asia, Londyn


pros and cons – zalety i wady
accessibility – dostępność
accomplish – zrealizować, osiągnąć
homesick – stęskniony za domem
Wellington Boots – buty gumowe (kalosze)
settle down – zamieszkać
struggle – borykać się, zmagać się
take up – zajmować, zaakceptować
insecure – niepewny siebie
relief – ulga
likewise – podobnie

socialise – prowadzić życie towarzyskie
once in a while – raz na jakiś czas
approach – podejście
health care system – system opieki zdrowotnej
perceive – dostrzegać
be fond of – lubić coś / kogoś
diverse – różnorodny
run-down – w marnym stanie, zmęczony
drawback – wada

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