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Car rental – wynajem samochodu

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Being on the road can turn out to be an amazing adventure. Today we’d like to take you on a trip around the USA. So rent a car and check what the Wild West is like.


Jeżeli dopiero zaczynasz przygodę z językiem angielskim, warto sięgnąć po samouczki i kursy dla każdego. Znajdziesz wiele interesujących publikacji, które pomogą Tobie w szybszym opanowaniu języka angielskiego.

Car rental wynajem samochodu

Przeczytaj poniższy dialog i poznaj nowe słownictwo.

A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B: Yes. I’d like to rent a car, please.
A: Right. What size are you looking for? We have a minivan, mid-size and compact vehicles.
B: How much is each?
A: Compact is $20 a day, midsize is $25 while a minivan is 30 bucks. It’s up to you.
B: I’d prefer a compact with unlimited mileage.
A: I see. The rate will be $40 a day plus gasoline of course. Would you like any insurance just in case?
B: Yes, I thought about it. What do you offer?
A: For example full coverage insurance which is $5 a day. It includes personal accident insurance and collision damage waiver.
B: A reasonable price. I’ll take it.
A: What type of car do you want – manual or automatic?
B: Definitely manual one. What additional things does it have?
A: Air conditioning, central locking and a stereo system. The car doesn’t eat up gas and it’s secure. And for how long would you like to rent a car?
B: For a week.
A: Could I see your valid driving license and credit card, please?
B: Here they are.
A: Thank you. Please fill in this form. And this is the key for you.
B: When do I have to bring the car back? Do you have your booths in other cities?
A: By noon on the day next week. I’ll give you a brochure in which you will find necessary information. And remember to return it with a full tank.
B: What if I’m late?
A: Unfortunately, you will be charged for another day. You can pick up your car downstairs and check if there are no dents and scratches.
B: Ok, thanks. Goodbye.
A: Have a safe journey. See you.


rent / hire a car – wynająć samochód
vehicle – pojazd
bucks – dolary
It’s up to you – decyzja należy do Pana / Pani
unlimited mileage – nieograniczone zużycie paliwa
rate – stawka
gasoline / petrol – benzyna
just in case – na wszelki wypadek
full coverage insurance – pełny zakres ubezpieczenia
collision damage waiver – zwolnienie z obowiązku wypłaty odszkodowania w następstwie wypadku drogowego
reasonable price – niewygórowana cena
air-conditioning – klimatyzacja
central locking – centralny zamek
eat up gas – pochłaniać dużo paliwa
secure – bezpieczny
valid car license – ważne prawo jazdy
booth – stoisko
full tank – pełny bak
charge – naliczyć (dodatkowy koszt)
pick up – odebrać
dents and scratches – wgniecenia i zarysowania