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How to hail a cab in NYC?

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Taking a cab is one of the most popular modes of transportation in a big city such as New York. It is clear that taxis are pretty fast like other vehicles and you don’t need to worry about getting lost in the concrete jungle of streets and skyscrapers. Therefore, the question is how to flag down a cab properly? Here are some tips you may find useful.

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1. It may sound a bit dangerous, but step off the curb and stand on the street. Of course just a few feet so that taxi drivers can spot you. Lift your arm up to hail a taxi. Don’t whistle or yell „taxi!” Come on it works only in Hollywood movies and you will definitely look like a tourist. By the way, if you’re at the airport, wait patiently in a line until a cab arrives. You never repeat the city ritual when you leave the terminal at JFK. 

2. There is a special light on top of the NY cabs. If it’s available, the cab will pull over to you. Check the following crib sheet to understand how it works. At least you won’t be surprised why cabs go past you as if you looked mad. 


3. Give the exact address. NYC as you know is pretty big so it’s almost impossible to memorize all the places. It helps a lot if a driver knows the cross streets of your destination. You can tell him „I want to go to Silver Star Spa between 5th Avenue and W 48th Street.”  The city resembles a grid of intersections and only accurate direction can guarantee getting where you want on time. 

4. If you need a quick ride and you’re not going far, hold out a „C” with your hand. A cabbie will realize it and if you’re lucky enough, you might get an off duty taxi pretty fast. 

5. Don’t be afraid to chat with a taxi driver. They know a lot about the city and believe me New Yorkers are easy-going. Listen to incredible stories and use this time to practise English. As you get on the spot, get out of the taxi on the sidewalk side for your own safety. Don’t risk losing your life. 

5. A tip is appreciated though not mandatory and it’s nearly 15% of the total fare. The minimum taxi charge is $2.50 so calculate well how much you can afford


a cab – taksówka (AmE)
modes of transportation – środki transportu
a vehicle – pojazd
concrete – beton
a skyscraper – drapacz chmur
flag down / hail a cab – wezwać taksówkę
step off a curb – zejść z krawężnika
spot – zauważyć
whistle – gwizdać
yell – krzyczeć
pull over – zatrzymać się na poboczu
crib sheet – ściąga

go past – przejść / przejeżdzać obok
resemble – przypominać
a grid of intersections – siatka skrzyżowań
accurate direction – dokłady kierunek
a cabbie – taksówkarz (slang)
a sidewalk – chodnik
a tip – napiwek
appreciate – doceniać / być wdzięcznym
mandatory – obowiązkowy
fare – opłata za przejazd
afford – pozwolić sobie na coś

Teraz już wiesz jak złapać taksówkę. Poznaj dodatkowe słownictwo związane z poruszaniem się po mieście. W zakładce Zwiedzanie znajdziesz kilka przydatnych słów i zwrotów, dzięki którym komunikacja na ulicy stanie się prostsza. Życzymy miłej nauki.