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Do You Fancy a Coffee Nap?

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Taking a nap after drinking a cup of java may sound like a strange concept, but if you have pulled an all-nighter it’s worth trying after all. Wait a second – isn’t coffee supposed to keep you awake? Contrary to conventional wisdom, a few sips of caffeinated beverage followed by a 20-minute nap appear to work miracles.

Jeżeli chcesz poćwiczyć czytanie po angielsku zachęcamy Ciebie gorąco do zapoznania się z bogatą ofertą opowiadań i kryminałów po angielsku, na każdym poziomie zaawansowania.
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There is the science behind this idea. Sleep researchers at the Loughborough University tested several volunteers to scrutinise how the body reacts to a dose of coffee along with a  zizz. It turned out that the merit is a diminished sense of drowsiness and a profound state of alertness when one wakes up. Additionally, a similar study was carried out by Japanese scientists who proved that the participants of the experiment performed better in memory tests. To comprehend this dependency, you need to get some insight into your body.

When caffeine is absorbed through a small intestine it is passed into the bloodstream. It takes a few minutes before it finally gets into your brain. The idea is to be faster by the time this process is accomplished. Coffee plays a crucial role in eliminating adenosine, a chemical substance which makes you sleepy.

Bear in mind that you must drink your coffee as quickly as possible. Notwithstanding the need for haste here, we do not recommend to gulp down a cup of acutely hot drink, for it may induce indigestion or other displeasing sensations. Why don’t you think of iced coffee or espresso? Right after you’re finished, endeavour to go to bed. Remember that a 20-minute coffee nap is enough and you should not enter the deep stage of sleep. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.



java – kawa (slang)
pulled an all-nighter – zarwać noc
sip – łyk
scrutinise  – szczegółowo badać
zizz – drzemka (informal)
merit – korzyść
diminish – zmniejszyć
drowsiness – senność
profound – głęboki, przemożny
alertness – czujność
comprehend – zrozumieć

intestine – jelito
adenosine – andenozyna
notwithstanding – tym niemniej, mimo
haste– pośpiech
gulp down – łykać
acutely – dotkliwie, nieznośnie
induce – powodować, wywoływać
Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite – Dobranoc, karaluchy pod poduchy, a szczypawki do zabawki