Conversation I

Receptionist: Good morning, you have reached the HR department. How can I help you?
Jason: Hello. Can I speak to Mr Berry, please?
Receptionist: Who’s calling?
Jason: It’s Jason Hudson here.
Receptionist: Hold on a moment and I’ll put you through.
Jason: Thank you.
Receptionist: I’m afraid Mr Berry is not available. He’s in a meeting now. But if you want you can leave a message.
Jason: No, that’s fine. I’ll call him back later. Bye.



  • reach – (tu) dodzwonić się
  • HR department – dział kadr
  • Who’s calling? – Kto dzwoni?
  • Hold on a moment – proszę chwilę zaczekać
  • I’ll put you through – przełączę Pana/ Panią
  • available – dostępny / wolny
  • leave a message – zostawić wiadomość
  • I’ll call him/her back later – zadzwonię do niego/jej później

Conversation II

Receptionist: Hello, Brenix Company. May I help you?
Client: Hi, this is Rachel Smith. I’m one of your regular customers. Could I speak to the dispatch department manager?
Receptionist: I see. What is the nature of your call?
Client: It’s about the delivery time of my order.
Receptionist: I’ll check if Mrs Robinson is available right now. Don’t hang up, please.
Client: Certainly.
Receptionist: I’m really sorry but she is out of the office. Would you like to leave a message?
Client: Yes, could you ask her to call me back later? She can reach me at 789307422. It’s urgent.
Receptionist: Of course, I will make sure she gets your message and call you back ASAP.
Client: Thank you. Goodbye.
Receptionist: Bye, have a nice day.


  • a regular customer – stały klient (także: patron)
  • dispatch department – dział wysyłki
  • What is the nature of your call? – W jakiej sprawie dzwoni Pan / Pani?
  • delivery time – czas dostawy
  • order – zamówienie
  • I’ll check – sprawdzę
  • Don’t hang up, please – proszę się nie rozłączać
  • out of the office – poza biurem
  • It’s urgent – to pilne
  • ASAP – tak szybko, jak to możliwe


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